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A Sneak Peak of Make-up I did for a Photo shoot Yesterday in London


Yesterday’s photo shoot in London went really well. The shoot was for a fashion magazine which will be published very soon, so I can reveal more on those details before the New Year.  The amazing creative team that took part in this shoot made everything a reality- It was just perfect! We had the very young talented photographer Ryan Handy, creative hairstylist Colleen Phelan. The amazing stylist was Laura Jane which her styling was just out of this world with some amazing pieces! (You will get to see when the images are revealed)  And not to mention her shoes she customises herself… WOW!


Moving onto the make-up I did for this shoot. My inspiration for this shoot was of course from the queen herself- Lady Gaga with her feline flicks she is rocking lately! I just love her make-up styles which constantly inspires me to try new looks. Her style isn’t for the faint of heart. With her elaborate outfits and ever changing hairstyles, she fearlessly manages to push the envelope of fashion which in its self is very inspiring for us creative people!


So here are the products I used to create the Lady Gaga inspired eyeliner I did for this shoot:


Eye shadow/Base:

·      MUA Professional Primer

·      MUA Single eye shadow in ‘Shade 17’

·      FashionistA Mono eye shadow in Nude and bronze

·      FashionistA Secret Gel Eyeliner in shade ‘Mogul’

·      Look Beauty Mascara- Stretch Factor

·      Vivo eyelashes in style ‘Full On’

MUA and FashionistA can be purchased from selected Superdrug stores(UK) or online at

Vivo can be purchased from selected Tesco stores (UK)




3. film geliyormuş… yihuuuuu

3. film geliyormuş… yihuuuuu

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